You know the first step in headhunting? The list of names of talent to explore — it’s called sourcing.

We believe that a machine can compile that list so much smarter and quicker than any human can. So much more true to skills, strengths and potential of people and their future ambitions. Without bias, without the limitations of personal networks and experiences. With a talent centric intelligent algorithm.

Join our stride for progress through Talent Tech. First product to be launched 2018.

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The MatchingID Talent First Manifest

  1. A birth place of futures

    We believe that we, through innovative technology, can create a space where talented people can explore and step closer to realizing the future scenarios of their dreams — in ways we have not yet seen in this world.
    Let us aim big together.

  2. Power shift push

    We believe that we efficiently can enforce and advance the current power shift from corporations to sought after talent.
    Let’s push the process forward together.
    There is no going back.

  3. One click for freedom

    We believe that the giging and flexing and remoting can be a gift for everyone involved if we can make it easier to find the perfect match.
    Let us fix it, shall we?

  4. Death of the CV

    We believe that we can blow up the narrow frame around people’s potential that the CV, as we know it, is.
    Humans are complex and big, let us stop making them simpler and smaller.
    There is no staying put.

  5. A fair tale to be told

    We believe that we can change the job market of today to a more fair place.
    Where skills, strengths and ambition weigh more.
    Where name, class, looks, gender or age weigh less.
    Let us.


The founders; Linda Waxin, Sanna Waxin. Sitting on a couple of nice chairs.
  • Linda Waxin

  • Sanna Waxin

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